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Residential Sanitation Rates

PLAN TYPE 10/1/07

  • Curbside garbage and loose yard waste $21.70
  • Multifamily residence $15.45 (apartments with dumpsters)
  • Business curbside $33.75

Special Services - Price Per Service

  • Bulk Collection labor/Overhead* $8.25 per 1/4 hr.
  • Bulk Collection Disposal $33.00 per 1/4 truckload
  • White Good Collection $12.50/appliance
  • Waste Tires accumulation in excess of 5 cu. yd. $30.00 plus disposal cost

* To be charged whenever it is necessary to use bulk collection equipment

Bulk Yard Waste or Junk Collection

This type of collection requires specialized equipment called a clamshell truck and two sanitation workers. Special fees are charged for amounts equal to or greater than five cubic yards (1/4 truckload = 2 regular size pick-up truck loads). These fees will be added to your next monthly garbage bill. The additional cost is $33.00 per 1/4 truckload and an additional $8.25 per 1/4 hour of labor as needed.

IMPORTANT: The code requires that any contractor who generates any amount of tree, hedge or construction debris must remove the debris to a lawful disposal site. The Sanitation Division will not collect this waste and you should verify that the total contracted price includes the cost of disposal.

Use of Plastic Bags for Containing Yard Waste and Leaves is Prohibited.

Florida state law prohibits the disposal of plastic bags with any type of yard waste. Previously, sanitation crews had to remove the yard waste from the plastic bags before it could be collected in the truck. This time-consuming process greatly affected the division's efficiency. Therefore, plastic bags may not be used for the disposal of yard waste, including leaves. Options include depositing yard waste in 32 gallon garbage cans, piling it loose in one location at the edge of your property, or containing the yard waste in biodegradable paper lawn and leaf bags which are available for purchase at most home improvement, large retailers and grocery stores.

Appliance Collection

This type of collection also requires a clamshell truck and includes collection of clothes washers and dryers, dishwashers, freezers, refrigerators, air conditioners, hot water heaters and similar large appliances.

NOTE: An additional charge of $12.50 will automatically appear on the next utility bill for the collection of any appliance. By law you must remove refrigerator doors before placing this type of appliance out for collection.

Private Contractors
(Building, Landscapers, Lawn Maintenance and Tree Trimmers)

Private contractors are responsible for the removal of any waste they generate. Contractors are required to display their business name, occupational license and business telephone number on all vehicles used during the entire performance of such contract including the disposal process.

Important: Monthly sanitation fees do not include the removal of contractor generated waste. Make sure your contract price includes the removal of any waste generated by your contractor.

Note: Landscapers and lawn maintenance businesses may only place grass and other non-bulky yard waste out for collection at the curb, with the owner’s permission, provided such waste was generated solely from the grounds where they provided that particular service.

Back-Door Collection is Available With Required Medical Documentation

The fees to collect garbage at the rear door of a residence are higher than the curbside collection rate. However, if you do not live with another able body person, those with a disability preventing them from placing garbage at the curb may receive back-door service at no additional cost. Verifiable medical documentation must be available. Telephone 351-6697 to apply for this service.

Other Code Requirements For Garbage Collection

  1. Garbage must be contained in a plastic bag and then deposited in a 32-gallon garbage container with two handles.
  2. Garbage containers must be out for collection by 7:00 a.m. on the day of collection.
    • OCALA CODE OF ORDINANCES 54-35 - Garbage must be set at the curb or the alley no earlier than 7:00 p.m. on days prior to collection days and no later than 7:00 a.m. on collection days. All containers must be removed from the street or alley no later than 7:00 a.m. the day after collection and stored on the property.
  3. The new Automated Truck will only pick up the new containers. Your old cans cannot be used for household garbage. National surveys indicate the 96-gallon cart is adequate for the average home of four (4) people. Each container will hold the equivalent of three (3) normal trash cans. It is important that you place all household garbage inside the cart so that the operator can utilize the Side-Loader arm to lift the cart and empty it.